GE’s Consolidated 1900 Series Universal Media Cryodisc safety valve option is designed to deflect toward the nozzle to create a tighter seal when exposed to isolated colder spots, and helps reduce leakage of cryogenic fluids and correct small leak paths. The safety valve option uses a unique disc geometry that is specifically geared toward the cryogenic application of leakage solutions. The Cryodisc diminishes the amount of process fluid lost during a valve leakage and reduces the potential need for maintenance intervention. The Cryodisc self-corrects and closes small leak paths due to its disc geometry. The valve is a pressure-reducing valve certified for both liquid and gas with no adjustments needed. The valve can be operated on either liquid or gas at the same pressure point, reducing inventory and simplifying the selection process. The valve provides blowdown capable of turning processes back to normal operating pressure quickly while reducing the amount of process media released from the system.