Swagelok”s CR-288 concentration monitor is designed to address a critical requirement in the semiconductor industry for improved monitoring and control of liquid chemicals employed in device manufacturing. Installed in the process stream or at point-of-use where chemicals are delivered or blended, the technology delivers real-time, highly accurate measurements of the concentration and temperature of process fluids. The monitor provides in-line analysis of liquid chemical concentration. Designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, it is physically small, easy to install, and serviceable in the field. Proprietary software enables the technician to calibrate the unit for chemical mixtures used in semiconductor laboratory or manufacturing processes, including etching, wafer cleaning, and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP). The software provides a graphical readout that the technician may customize for data logging over time. Concentration accuracy is +/- 0.1 percent. Concentration accuracy is based on measuring ethylene glycol and water at 20 PSIG (1.3 bar), 76.1 F to 78.8 F (24.5 C to 26 C), and calibration range of zero to 100 percent. Temperature accuracy is 0.1 C. Temperature resolution is 0.01 C. Response time is 1.2 sec.