Emerson ProcessManagement”sRosemount 702 Discrete Wireless Transmitter installs andcommissions quickly and provides users with a cost-effective way toaccess performance and safety information from discrete points in theplant and/or field that are not conducive to a wired connection to thecontrol system. Applications include level and environmentalspill prevention, personnel safety, and plant equipment status. The 702supports a variety of nonpowered switch types, with single- or dual-channel capacity and hazardous-area approval. Fully compatible withEmerson”s existing Smart Wireless networks, the Rosemount 702 providesthe HART diagnostic data, 7-15 year SmartPower battery life, andreliable and secure performance. Rosemount 702 Discrete WirelessTransmitters are part of Emerson”s range of intelligent, digital fielddevices that power the PlantWeb architecture to improve plantefficiency by delivering asset optimization, process automation, andmanagement execution.