Emerson Process Management”s Micro Motion 9739 transmitter has been redesigned to include Emerson”s multivariable-digital (MVD) technology for faster performance and improved measurement accuracy. Existing users are supported with an easy-to-install retrofit kit. MVD technology is high-speed signal processing, embedded in electronics, to deliver measurement accuracy in difficult conditions. The front-end digital processing MVD technology offers dramatically reduced signal noise while delivering a faster response time to improve the overall measurement quality. The RFT9739 transmitter has 100,000 installations worldwide with various Micro Motion Coriolis sensors. The retrofit kit brings the benefits of MVD technology to existing nine-wire Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters. The kit can be installed using the existing housing and without the need for piping or wiring changes. The retrofit kit has the same outputs as the previous RFT9739 transmitters and uses the same base housing. Using an existing Micro Motion Coriolis sensor, an upgrade to the 9739 transmitter with MVD will deliver a 2x improvement in turndown for users, according to Micro Motion.