Emerson Process Management’s Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis flowmeters are now available with additional digital protocols and Smart Meter Verification, a tool designed to deliver assurance of the structural and measurement integrity of the meter. These new capabilities are enabled by connectivity to the enhanced core processor and 2400S transmitter. The 2400S transmitter option also enables DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP protocols in a compact package. Micro Motion MVD technology is designed to provide a faster meter response time and uses advanced algorithms to deliver meter stability and performance in challenging operating conditions. The meter verification test, carried out while the meter is in line and the process is flowing, checks the sensor tubes and electronics against original factory settings. For processes required to regularly verify and document meter performance, such as pharmaceutical and custody transfer, Smart Meter Verification can make significant savings for ongoing operating costs. The F-Series meter with the Model 2400S transmitter adds DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP communication protocols options, expanding on the currently available interfaces, such as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, Profibus-PA, HART, 4-20 mA, Pulse, and WirelessHART.