Yokogawa Coriolis FlowmeterYokogawa Electric Corporation says its new RotaMASS LR is the world’s smallest dual-bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter. The dual-bent tube design is an enhancement to the RotaMASS Low Flow Line product family for gas and liquid flow measurement. Designed to be self-draining and to measure both liquids and gasses, the mass flow measurement spans from 0-40 kg/h. The accuracy is +/-0.15 percent for liquids and +/-0.5 percent for gasses. The Coriolis flowmeter is designed to meet the market’s demand for accurate and stable measurement of fluids at low flowrates. The dual-bent tube design is intended to overcome the current shortcomings of single-tube low flowmeters, which include susceptibility to external vibrations and changes in ambient or process fluid temperatures that lead to less accurate and stable measurements in real-world conditions. In addition to the dual-bent tube design, the Coriolis flowmeter’s features include an inline temperature sensor for process temperatures ranging from -50 C to 150 C; a gas-tight, all-stainless-steel secondary containment that can handle pressures up to 65 BAR; and optional insulation and heat jacket for the prevention of fluid component separation and gas condensation. Applications for the Coriolis flowmeter include high-pressure gas pipelines, chemical injection, micro-dosing systems, metering pump control, blending, precision coating, vacuum thin film coating, and more. www.yokogawa.com/us