Metso Valve DiagnosticsMetso’s new Valve Manager offers state-of-the art, third-generation valve diagnostics, which are capable of processing collected diagnostics information to visualize the condition of the valve in question with five different indices: control performance, valve condition, actuator condition, positioner condition, and condition of the operating environment. Control performance shows how well the whole control valve assembly is performing its task to control the flow in the pipeline, while the valve condition, actuator condition, and positioner condition indices present the status of the valve, actuator, and positioner, respectively, based on each one’s use history and current measured values. Based on the index value for each, the user can estimate whether the valve, actuator, and positioner will shortly be in need of maintenance or not. The environment conditions index takes into account the conditions of the assembly (e.g. supply pressure value and its steadiness) and also selected aspects of valve assembly configuration. The Valve Manager is available for Metso’s ND9000 Series intelligent valve controllers. –