Matt Migliore

Like most organizations engaged in a serious pursuit of success, here at Flow Control we aim for continuous quality improvement. And while this is our end goal, and we formally discuss how we can be a better Flow Control on the first Monday of every month, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times when we’re in such a rush to get things done that it’s hard to imagine our level of quality does anything but suffer.

Still, I believe the constant dialogue we have about quality improvement creates an inertia that inevitably leads us to do and be better. For example, last month while we were racing against time to meet the deadline for the issue you’re now reading, we learned that Flow Control was recognized with an “Award of Excellence” in the 24th annual APEX Awards. Flow Control was one of nine winning entries in the “Editorial & Advocacy Writing” category in a competition that, all told, received more than 3,400 nominations.

In addition to this year’s award, Flow Control has won five other APEX “Awards of Excellence” since 2006, including 2011 “Magazine Series” for a six-part feature on pumping systems optimization; 2010 “Technical Writing” for its July 2009 “Spilled Ink” cover story; 2009 “Best Cover” for its March 2009 “In Boom” cover concept; 2008 “Editorial & Advocacy Writing” for its August 2007 “How Clean Can Clean Coal Be?” “Viewpoint” editorial; and 2006 “Best Cover” for its July 2005 “Ant Man” cover concept.

Flow Control has also been recognized by other leading business publication awards programs, including the American Society of Business Publication Editors’ “Azbee Awards”; the Trade Association Business Publication International’s “Tabbie Awards”; and the Magazine Association of the Southeast’s “GAMMA Awards.” In all, Flow Control has won 11 publishing industry awards since 2006.

While this year’s APEX Awards recognized a specific article—our January 2011 “Viewpoint” editorial, “The Truth About Shale Gas” (page 4)—to me this award recognizes more. It validates that even though our pursuit of quality may vary in effectiveness from time to time, we are on the right path. And with this sentiment in mind, I would like to congratulate the entire Flow Control team for a job well done. Everybody on our staff— John Harris, Michael Christian, Amy W. Richardson, and Julie Flynn—is equally deserving of the recognition the APEX judges have bestowed upon us. I would also like to thank our administrative team, who does all of the heavy lifting that is required to get Flow Control’s many print, Web, and e-media products where they need to be, when they need to be— without all of you, Flow Control could never happen. Here’s to another award-winning year, and I look forward to working with the rest of the Flow Control team to bring you, our readers, a continuously improved product in the year, and years, to come.

– Matt Migliore, Executive Director of Content