OPW Fueling Components”OPW 10 Plus emergency shutoff valve builds upon the design of thecompany’s existing 10 Series emergency shutoff valve, with the additionof patent-pending SmartGuard technology, which is designed to containfuel leakage at the shear groove and activate the valve to close in theevent of a low-impact incident.  The shutoff valve is designed tocontain a shear-groove leak and close the flow of fuel in the event ofan undetected low-impact break. The SmartGuard design helps toeliminate the risk of fuel leaking into sumps from shear-groovefractures and thus reduces the risk of environmental contamination andsump fires. The shutoff valve, like its predecessor, the 10 Series, isUL-listed and includes a fusible link designed to automatically closethe valve to reduce a fire hazard. A double-poppet design is intendedto provide a safer environment in the event of a shear or sump fire.