GF Piping’s Contain-It pipe system is designed for transporting hazardous fluids. The Contain-It system snaps around the existing pipe without disturbing anything or requiring shutdown. The split pipe and fitting design allows installation over virtually any carrier system. Its clear PVC construction allows for visual inspection of the annular space, in many cases eliminating the need for expensive leak detection systems in above ground applications. The system requires no gaskets or hinges to align. An interlocking construction, predetermined fitting clip locators, and split pipes shipped with crossover holes pre-drilled at the factory make installation fast and easy. The Contain-It system is also available in a solid pipe version for new plant construction where retrofitting is not an issue. The solid pipe version uses split fittings and can be used where it is preferred to pull a leak detection cable. Both solid and split systems are available in pipe diameters of four inches and six inches with flexible adapters and clear PVC construction.