GF Piping Systems”Signet 3-0250 is a new interface device that allows USB connection ofblind Signet sensors to PCs/laptops, creating a multi-functional toolconversion of the S3L (Signet Sensor Serial Link) signal to ASCII. Thedata conversion is performed seamlessly through the system and iseasily readable on the screen. When used in the Configuration mode, thedevice enables users to custom configure factory set parameters onany blind GF Piping Signet Sensor, including flow, pH/ORP, pressure,temperature, and level. Sensor parameters can be displayed directly onthe screen, written from the screen to the sensor, and saved orrestored. The Diagnostic mode allows users to monitor continuous dataof process values and 4-20 mA values as they are displayed and graphedon the PC screen. This data can also be logged to a saved file.The 3-0250 is manufactured from ABS material and accepts three-wire S3Linput and USB 1.0 or 2.0 output. The device is CE-approved andRoHS- and WEEE-compliant. The unit measures 70 mm in length and 27mm inwidth.