Omega’s CDCN13 is a fully programmable controller designed for complete chemical automation (conductivity, pH and ORP), as well as control of chemical additives. This controller is designed for cooling tower, boiler, industrial process water, food processing, drinking water, and wastewater treatment applications. Engineering units can be displayed in either U.S. or metric values using the 16-button keypad and the eight-line LCD readout with scroll-through menus. Standard features include conductivity control, with the ability to control four additive feed programs. Also available is pH and ORP measurement and control, as is a safety flow switch contact, and RS485 communications. The controller has eight control relay outputs, for up to four chemical additives, fill valve, bleed valve, probe rinse, and remote alarm. Standard features also include dynamic probe-failure testing for pH/ORP sensors. The automatic probe rinse can be used for either manual or automatic cleaning of pH or ORP electrodes.