Blancett”s B2800gas flowmeter includes compensations for temperature and pressure,eliminating the need to perform complex conversions. The flowmeter willtake the gas turbine meter”s calibration factor (pulses/actual cubicfeet in 14.73 PSIA and 60 F) and convert to standard cubic feet whenprovided with process pressures (PSIG) and temperatures. The inputs arekeypad entered and fixed with no other I/Os. The k-factor in pulses peractual cubic feet, operating pressure, and operating temperature arethe only requirements. The meter”s microprocessor-based electronicsfeatures over 50 combinations for rate and 13 units for total, whichcan be displayed in different units. Mounting configurations include aNEMA 4X enclosure in a meter, remote, swivel, and panel mount, as wellas a handheld and explosion-proof mount. The flowmeter operates using astandard alkaline D-size battery.  Loop-powered versions are alsoavailable.