Endress+Hauser”s Cubemass Coriolis flowmeter is a small, lightweight, compact device that is good fit for spraying or coating systems, engine test stands, and process skids. The flowmeter measures mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and density in a single unit, and communicates to controllers via pulse, frequency, 4-20mA current with HART, and Modbus RS485. The meter is available in four pipe sizes, from 1/24” to ¼” (DIN 1 to DIN 6) to measure flow from a few drops to 2,200 pounds/hour (1,000 kg per hour), with mass flow accuracy of +/- 0.10 percent of reading, and repeatability of 0.05 percent for liquids. It also measures density in liquids with accuracy up to +/- 0.001 g/cc with repeatability of 0.0005 g/cc. The flowmeter can handle a wide variety of liquids, such as additives, corrosion inhibitors, fuels, coolants, surface lacquers and perfume. Cubemass supports process pressures up to 5800 PSI (400 bar) and temperatures up to 392 F (200 C). Suitable for use in hazardous environments worldwide, the Cubemass has ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, NEC/CEC and TIIS approvals. Its 904L stainless steel measuring tube allows it to be used in some food applications, such as ingredient injection.