Colfax Progressing-Cavity PumpColfax Fluid Handling will deliver 36 units of Allweiler’s All-Optiflow series of pumps for the Ambarli sewage plant near Istanbul. PWT Wasserund Abwassertechnik GmbH is the originating contractor for the new plant, which is one of the largest and most advanced sewage plants in Europe, according to Colfax, capable of supporting a population equivalent of 2 million people at a daily flow of 400,000 m³. 

The Allweiler All-Optiflow pumps of various sizes move drained, digested, and concentrated sludge. Another 54 centrifugal pumps, progressing-cavity pumps, and macerators are also installed in the plant. The pumps were delivered in the fall of 2011 and have been in trial operation since August 2012.

With their high-power density, the pumps reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent compared to conventional progressing-cavity pumps. Stub shaft diameter is approximately 30 percent smaller, reducing friction by nearly 50 percent. Highly wear-resistant materials further reduce maintenance costs. 

Low energy and operating costs were critical for PWT’s decision. The All-Optiflow pumps energy-efficient features include redesigned pumping elements with higher power density, low-friction rotors and shaft seals, and stators with a special surface composition. Combined with the patented “shark-skin” rotors, the pump’s features are designed to enable low starting and operating forces for greater efficiency and constant performance curves during operation.