Fluid Components International’s  CM Series Coriolis flowmeters support line sizes up to 12 inches, flowrates to 80,000 lbs/min, and harsh, corrosive fluids. The CM Series is designed for mass flow measurement service in liquids and gases. Standard accuracy is  +/-0.1 percent to +/-0.15 percent of rate with an optional 10-point calibration that can achieve 0.05 percent accuracy in the Model CMM.  Models CMM and CMU provide a wide standard temperature service range of  -40 F to 500 F. The Model CT is a ruggedized, full-featured transmitter universally used with all CM sensors. Available as a blind transmitter or with an integral two-line LCD digital display, the transmitter is the electronics interface to the sensor and an array of analog and/or digital outputs.  Standard outputs include dual four to 20 mA, one standard with HART, a frequency/pulse output of total flow, and a binary output of instrument status. Output options include Profibus-PA and a tamper-proof, custody-transfer configuration that is sealed/certified and prevents resetting of the internal totalizer.  The CT can be mounted integral with the sensor or remote-mounted up to 1,000 feet away.