BETE Fog Nozzle HydroWhirl PoseidonBETE Fog Nozzle Inc.’s HydroWhirl Poseidon (HWP) is a Clean-In-Place (CIP) rotating tank-washing nozzle that combines slow-moving rotation and high-impact spray pattern for more efficient cleaning. It is a good fit for tanks up to 22 ft. in diameter often found in the food & beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where superior cleaning with reduced cycle times and low water, energy and chemical consumption are important considerations. The nozzle is self-cleaning and media-lubricated for operation in demanding hygienic applications. Its self-cleaning, self-lubricating characteristics are designed to eliminate process contamination. The PTFE material of construction with clip-on (316 SS retaining pin) or threaded connections is a good fit for corrosive environments and harsh cleaning fluids. –