Demand for fluid handling pumps in China is projected to increase 10.5 percent per annum through 2011 to ¥62.9 billion ($8.4 billion), outpacing growth in most other parts of the world, according to a study by The Freedonia Group ( Advances will be driven by strong outlooks for pump-using industries, such as process manufacturing and utilities.

The introduction of new and better performing pumps are also expected to boost growth, according to Freedonia, although to the extent that these pumps have longer lives, these improvements may adversely impact demand for replacement parts.

Freedonia predicts the process manufacturing market will continue to be the largest user of pumps due to the wide range of applications and significant fluid handling requirements in many of these industries. In addition, this market is expected to exhibit the fastest growth in pump demand through 2011, benefiting from expanding output in most process industries, with particularly strong gains in primary metals production.

Pump demand in the utilities segment will benefit from population growth and further industrialization and economic expansion. In addition, the Chinese government’s “Go West” strategy is expected to boost utility pump demand in China’s relatively underdeveloped western regions.

Freedonia predicts centrifugal pumps will remain the most commonly used pump design, benefiting from their ability to handle a wide range of flow pressure, load handling capability, effective handling of liquids with high solids content, and relatively low maintenance costs. Feedonia says technological innovations designed to expand the versatility of centrifugal pumps will also help drive demand in this segment going forward.