In the city of Tangshan on the Yellow Sea, the Chinese plant constructor Hangzhou Xidoumen is building the largest sea water treatment plant in China – one of the biggest projects of its kind anywhere in the world. The plant has been designed to treat 110,000 cubic meters of sea water a day to supply a power plant and local industry. Prior to undergoing desalination by reverse osmosis (RO), the water is cleaned in an ultrafiltration system. The contract for this multi-million dollar project has been awarded to the German company inge watertechnologies AG.

China is the world”s biggest and fastest-growing market for water treatment systems. The German company inge watertechnologies AG has operated a sales office in China since 2004. In the six years since its office opened, inge has equipped more than 30 plants with its technology for treating drinking water, process water and wastewater, including Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport and a wastewater treatment plant in Dalian. The Tangshan contract is a multi-million dollar project that will require 1,536 ultrafiltration modules.

inge watertechnologies” T-Rack ultrafiltration technology is an integrated module/rack system. The T-Rack has a footprint that is up to 60 percent smaller than conventional rack systems, which, according to inge watertechnologies, helps cut the overall capital cost of their ultrafiltration system by 5 percent or more, depending on the scale of the system being installed.

To date, inge watertechnologies says it has equipped more than 500 plants worldwide with its technology without a single case of broken membrane fibers. The company also offers a five-year warranty against fiber breakage.

The contract with Hangzhou Xidoumen is the biggest single order in inge watertechnologies” history.