Industrial Info Resources ( reports that Southwestern China”s Yunnan province is planning to invest $29 billion for eight hydropower stations on the Jinsha River, according to a news conference held by the Jinsha River Hydropower Construction Coordination Office of Lijiang City with related departments of the Yunnan province.

The Cascade Development Scheme for the Jinsha River is composed of the key project, known as the Panlong project, which will be furnished with a large reservoir and seven hydropower stations with relatively small reservoirs downstream: the Liangjiaren, Liyuan, Ahai, Jin”anqiao, Longkaikou, Ludila and Guanyinyan projects. The total planned installed capacity of the eight projects will be 20,580 megawatts, with an annual average power output of 88.33 billion kilowatt-hours, according to Industrial Info.

Presently, Industrial Infor says the Panlong project is under dam site selection, and the prefeasibility study is expected to be complete by October of this year. The prefeasibility study for the Liangjiaren project is expected to be complete by the end of this year. The Liyuan project is undergoing a feasibility study while a river diversion system is under construction. The river diversion tunnel for the Aihai project is completed; a bridge at the site is being constructed, and the river closure is expected to be carried out at the end of this year. The Jin”anqiao project is currently under construction, and the first unit is expected to begin operation by the end of 2009. Both the Longkaikou and Ludila projects are scheduled to have river closures at the end of this year. The Guanyinyan project is currently under site preparation with six kilometers of hauling road completed.