China has orders for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems for plants with a total electrical capacity of over 500,000 MW, while the United States has FGD systems for only 180,000 MW of plant capacity, according to a report by McIlvaine Company ( McIlvaine says its analysis shows China is operating 379,000 MW of scrubbers compared to only 130,000 MW in the United States, with FGD scrubbers operating on 67 percent of the coal-fired plants in China.

According to McIlvaine, China is also the largest supplier of many types of air pollution control equipment, with several Chinese companies jockeying for position as the world”s leading suppliers of electrostatic precipitators. In recent years, McIlvaine says suppliers of FGD systems have grown rapidly in China, with 10 Chinese companies ranking among the 20 largest FGD companies in the world.

Total FGD Contracts for Top 10 FGD Companies at End of 2008

Name of Company

1. Beijing Guodian Longyuan Environmental Engineering

2. Beijing Boots Electric Power Science & Technology

3. Wuhan Kaidi Electric Power Environmental Protection

4. Fujian Longking Environmental Protection

5. CPI Yuanda Environmental Protection

6. Zhejiang University Insigma Mechanical Engineering

7. Tsinghua Tongfang Environment

8. Shangdong Sanrong Enviro. Protection Engineering

9. China Huadian Engineering

10. Zhejiang Tiandi Enviro. Protection Engineering

Total Signed Contract Capacity (MW)











Source: McIlvaine Company

As the world”s largest cement and steel maker, China is investing heavily in air pollution controls to support the long-term viability of these industries. McIlvaine says China has embraced the waste-to-energy concept for dealing with municipal garbage and has recently spent more on air pollution equipment for its plants than has the United States.