Blue-White Industries” CHEM-PRO C2 Series metering pump is available with a low-flow diaphragm for feed/output up to 25.6 GPH /97 LPH. The high-flow diaphragm unit has a maximum output of 37.7 GPH/142.7 LPH; both have a maximum working pressure of 150 psi/10.3 bar. Pump features include: PVDF pump head, PVDF pump head adapters, and PVDF ball valves; digital touch -pad control with backlit LCD display; variable-speed motor that can be adjusted from 1-100 percent in 1 percent increments; brush life to 3,400 hours; pump housing of durable powder coated aluminum, NEMA 4X and lp66 rated enclosure; full stroke every time to avoid vapor lock; and Blue-White’s DFD built-in leak detection system that is designed to sense a chemical leak in the pump head and shut off the pump.