The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) began in 1969 to bring technical information about offshore activities to Houston, Texas. It was more successful than anticipated with 2,797 registrants, 112 papers presented and 368 exhibit spaces. OTC has been held in Houston ever since.

Today, OTC is the largest global event for the oil and gas industry, featuring approximately 2,000 exhibitors and attendees from across the globe. The 2018 event will begin the celebration of 50 years of OTC. The celebration will culminate in 2019 and is a recognition of the commitment to the people and companies who have helped the conference be successful over the years.

The conference will feature special events to commemorate the anniversary, including an opening ceremony, legacy luncheon and chairman’s panel on energy transformation.OTC, Offshore Technology Conference

OTC features leading-edge technical information, the industry’s largest equipment exhibition and industry professionals from more than 120 countries. The conference will include presentations on insights by global experts on technological advances, safety, environmentally focused solutions, and economic and regulatory impacts. Energy professionals will meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters.

The technical program will reflect on OTC’s history to commemorate the anniversary year, the current state of the industry and what is on the horizon.

This will include topics such as solutions to reduce the development timeline and create project-ready technologies that meet current industry challenges; ways to decrease costs and improve overall value while maintaining high standards for safety, operability and reliability; how advanced software, nanotechnology and the digital revolution are integrating disciplines and triggering a historic transformation in the offshore energy sector; meeting the energy needs of fast-growing economies while reducing carbon emissions and carefully considering the impact of digital technology; and the latest on landmark projects that have resulted in breakthrough technologies in a low oil price environment.

Service company executives and operators will share accomplishments from projects in Canada, Malaysia, the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea.

Each year, OTC recognizes innovative technologies with the Spotlight on New Technology Award. Exclusively for OTC exhibitors, the awards program is held to showcase the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

Technologies to be considered for the award must meet the following criteria:

  • New — The technology must have been offered to the marketplace in a ready-for-commercialization state fewer than two years prior to the application date. If previously advertised at OTC, it must not have been displayed for more than one conference. The technology cannot infringe on any known patents or other intellectual property rights.
  • Innovative — The technology must be original, groundbreaking and capable of having a major impact on the industry. For example, an improvement in the efficiency of an existing motor would not be considered unless it had the potential to change the way the motor could be used in the industry.
  • Proven — The technology must be proven, either through full-scale application or successful prototype testing. For example, a proposed new type of software in the development phase would not be considered applicable.
  • Broad interest — The technology must have broad interest and appeal. A new type of valve would not be considered new technology or of broad interest if it were simply a replacement of a previous valve at a lower cost. However, the new valve might be considered to have broad interest if it had the potential to change the way in which valves impact or are used in the wider system that utilizes the valve.
  • Significant impact — The technology must provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies. Environmental impact is an important judging criterion.

OTC is sponsored by 13 industry organizations and societies that work cooperatively to develop the technical program. OTC also has endorsing and supporting organizations. These sponsoring organizations use revenue to provide many other important programs for its members, such as training and technical journals.

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