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The Benchtop Wind Tunnel: A Useful but Little-Known Tool for Science and Engineering

We are all familiar with wind tunnels and have seen films or photos of their use in aircraft and spacecraft design as well as in automobile ads touting the aerodynamic features of this car or that. In more recent times, they have found new uses in the design of bridges to prevent resonance in high wind conditions and to aid in the design of modern super buildings to ensure that they survive hurricanes and typhoons. But there is a little known world of wind tunnels that has practical value in everyday engineering, academia, research and development, and even product design. This is the world of the benchtop wind tunnel.

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Determining Factors for Turbine Flowmeter Bearing Life

In the field of flow measurement, several important factors can cause accuracy concerns leading to premature flowmeter calibrations or bearing replacement. Precision turbine meter users need to understand the proper techniques to ensure their instrument will maintain its calibration over the intended period of use. Most importantly, while in service, these steps will ensure that a meter is performing to its original calibration and provide information that will influence its calibration life.

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Entrained Gas Handling in Coriolis Flowmeters

This white paper discusses the measurement problems caused by process fluids that contain bubbles of air or other gas, and describes how Micro Motion® sensor and transmitter technology can be used to overcome those problems. This white paper also presents suggestions for minimizing measurement problems by improving application design.

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