CashcoCashco Inc. recently opened a new engineering lab at the company’s headquarters in central Kansas that is intended to help improve customer service and product delivery.

Cashco manufactures throttling rotary and linear control valves, pressure-reducing regulators and back-pressure regulators.

Cashco Valve Division General Manager Clint Rogers said the new facility will allow the engineering department to fabricate all its own prototype parts, which will improve project lead time and relieve the machine shop of valuable fabrication time.

Roger says the increased workspace in the lab expansion will also provide the necessary space to perform VCI product prototype testing within the engineering lab, an improvement over the previous requirement of testing on an assembly production test fixture, often times interfering with live orders.

In addition to relieving strain on the assembly area, the new lab will allow the research and development department to produce parts by computer-aided manufacturing (CAD) and test longer piping systems, which may be required as part of an ISA test setup. The new lab will allow a variety of R&D projects to be performed simultaneously.

In the past year, Cashco also installed a vacuum form machine, giving the company the ability to manufacture its own thermoform plastic parts, such as diaphragms and weather hoods.