Endress+Hauser’s Prosonic Flow B 200 is a 2012 Innovation Award winner (Photo courtesy of Endress+Hauser).

Editor’s Note: In the October 2012 issue of Flow Control, 11 case studies/application stories featured the winners of our 2012 Innovation Awards program. In the following weeks, each winner will be featured on the FlowStream blog. The following post focuses on Endress+Hauser’s Prosonic Flow B 200.

In order to secure mobility today and in the future through sustainable sources, The CropEnergies Group produces bioethanol as fuel for gasoline engines. The largest sugar generator in Europe, CropEnergies Group has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading European bioethanol manufacturers—with production quantity of over 95 million gallons/year.

This state-of-the-art plant is characterized by unique flexibility in raw materials processing. The company gets valuable fuel from grain and sugar beets. The biogas that accumulates during effluent treatment, with a methane content of approximately 70 percent, is used in a gas engine with 600 kW thermal and electrical outputs, respectively. The gas quantity must be reliably measured directly before the gas engine. The particular challenges at this measuring point are the very low process pressure of only a few pounds per square inch (relative) and the wide operable flow range of 13 to 57 gallons/hour. 

The new ultrasonic flowmeter, Prosonic Flow B 200, was developed for such applications. CropEnergies was already able to prove its worth in practical use. Jörg Voigt, head of measurement and control technology, states, “The Prosonic Flow B 200 makes it possible to obtain a reliable measurement even at low process pressure and causes no pressure loss. The non-contact measuring technology, with no moving mechanical parts, guarantees stable and maintenance-free operation. This decreases our maintenance costs and increases plant availability.” 

For the technician, Prosonic Flow B 200 comes at exactly the right time for commissioning the new gas engine, “With vortex flowmeters, we at CropEnergies have always had very good experiences. However, these devices cause an additional pressure loss. Due to the minimum process pressure before the gas engine, vortex flowmeters cannot be used in this location and therefore are not an option. Turbine flowmeters are not a real alternative. Due to the mechanically moving parts and the use of reed contacts, these systems are maintenance-intensive in practical use.”

Direct Methane Content Measurement

Prosonic Flow B 200 is an industry-optimized ultrasonic flowmeter that measures the volume flow of biogas, landfill or digester gas reliably and with high accuracy—even under greatly fluctuating operating conditions. One of the most significant features is its in-situ methane content measurement. This enables a continuous measurement of not only gas flow, but also gas quality. For example, it allows biogas plant operators to better understand the health of the digestion process and react quickly and efficiently to any disturbances.

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