Editor’s Note: In the October 2012 issue of Flow Control, 11 case studies/application stories featured the winners of our 2012 Innovation Awards program. In the following weeks, each winner will be featured on the FlowStream blog. The following post focuses on Siemens’ SITRANS FUT1010 Liquid & Gas Flowmeters.

An Oklahoma refinery recently required a flow measurement solution for a finished gasoline and diesel fuel line leaving the refinery site. They were already using a Siemens clamp-on check meter and interface detector elsewhere on the site and hoped to install the same solution on the fuel line. However, the local Siemens representative, the Ernie Graves Company, determined that there simply would not be enough straight run of pipe to support a clamp-on meter, and the refinery decided that they would need to bring the pipe above ground. Since the refinery was going to invest so much in altering the pipeline, the representative recommended that they choose a flow solution offering the same benefits as clamp-on technology, but with an even higher level of accuracy: the liquid version of the SITRANS FUT1010 ultrasonic flowmeter.


The Siemens SITRANS FUT1010 now provides operators at an Oklahoma refinery with real-time flow information so that they are able to determine media conditions within the pipeline and be made aware of any changes immediately as they occur. (Photo courtesy of Siemens)

The SITRANS FUT1010 now provides the operators with real-time flow information so that they are able to determine media conditions within the pipeline and be made aware of any changes immediately as they occur. The meter supports them in making informed decisions about pipeline operation and helps to maximize delivery and performance control. In addition, the customer likes the fact that there is no need to shut down the flow should a transducer ever need to be replaced, which saves considerable time and money.

“The refined petroleum pipeline required a great deal of precision in flow measurement, so I knew right away that this application would require a very high-performing flowmeter,” said Colby Graves, CEO of the Ernie Graves Company. “I recommended the SITRANS FUT1010 because of its unique combination of flow measurement accuracy and capability for multi-product identification, which makes it an extremely cost-efficient solution. The customer is now reaping the benefits.”

The SITRANS FUT1010 was developed specifically for measurement of liquid and gas applications within the hydrocarbon industry, including pipeline, terminal, refinery and transportation applications. With the newly developed TransLoc mounting system, the transducers are permanently mounted on the outside of the sensor, providing custody-transfer accuracy while eliminating contact with the medium. To demonstrate the accuracy and repeatability of the SITRANS FUT1010, the liquid version was subjected to extensive tests at an accredited third-party test facility. The excellent results prove that the meter is a perfect match and a wise investment for the hydrocarbon industry.


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