NewAge Industries” cam-operated couplings are available in four materials: glass-fiber-reinforced nylon; industrial-grade glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene; PVDF; and food-grade polypropylene. The couplings are designed to compliment the company’s tubing and reinforced hose products. All four materials offer similar performance properties, such as high impact strength and resistance to acids and solvents. One of their biggest advantages over metal counterparts is their lighter weight, as heavy metal couplings can greatly affect the overall weight of a hose assembly, hindering its maneuverability.

Each coupling material has particular benefits, such as:
• Nylon, which is yellow in color, resists corrosion and handles working pressures up to 175 psi.
• Industrial-grade polypropylene (black) offers a higher degree of acid resistance than nylon and, like nylon, is electrically non-conductive.
• PVDF, or polyvinylidene fluoride, (translucent) is made from FDA-approved ingredients, handles temperatures as high as 300 F (149 C), and will self extinguish. PVDF couplings withstand sterilization by autoclave, ethylene oxide or gamma radiation. They are also UV resistant and offer good acid resistance.
• Food-grade polypropylene (white) resists animal, vegetable, and mineral oils; salts; alkalis; and alcohols. It can also be sterilized.