Asahi/America”s Type 57LIS Butterfly Valve is an industrial-quality thermoplastic device that directly replaces metallic butterfly valves, without any modification to the existing piping system, in applications where metal valves constantly corrode. The face-to-face dimensions of the valve (the distance between the two existing flanges), are the same as those of the metal valves that the valve is designed to replace. The valve is available in three-inch to eight-inch versions as a lever-style or with Asahi’s Plasgear gear-operator, an all-plastic housing design. Standard models are supplied as wafer-style for installation between two flanges or factory-equipped with 316 stainless steel lugs for end-of-line applications. The valve features an ISO 5211 top flange mounting pattern and molded padlock provision for lever handle models. The valve can be electrically or pneumatically actuated.