Brooks Mass Flow ControllerBrooks Instrument has expanded its GF 40/80 Series thermal mass flow controller line. Broader capabilities, including increased flowrates up to 50 slpm and a “normally open” valve for non-hazardous gas applications, are useful upgrades to competitive devices, according to Brooks.? The GF 40/80 Series provides long-term zero stability at less than 0.5 percent per year. This specification means the mass flow controller will return more reliable accuracy data for a longer period of time. The thermal mass flow controller is also available with Brooks’ patented MultiFlo, a technology that enables users to re-program the gas and/or range in minutes without the trouble and cost of removing the mass flow controller from service. Brooks has expanded the flowrates for the GF 40/80 Series mass flow controller line from 30 slpm to 50 slpm, making these devices a good fit for applications that require a higher flowrate with the flexibility of a MultiFlo-capable mass flow controller.