Hedland”s brass variable-area flowmeter monitors flowrate for process applications under various pressures up to 3,500 PSI, temperatures up to 240 F, and other rigorous conditions. The linear movement of the flowmeter indicator ring gives a quick direct-visual reading against the vertically graduated flow scale, eliminating the need for further calculations or corrections. Using this flowmeter, the user will see the changes in flowrate indicating a problem or possible wear-and-tear on the pump. The flowmeter can be installed directly into horizontal or vertical lines or with an optional inverted flow scale, monitoring flow in a downward line. It maintains an indication accuracy within +/- 2 percent of full scale, with repeatability within 1 percent in any mounting direction. The flowmeter does not require flow straighteners or special lengths of straight inlet piping to stabilize turbulent flow patterns. There are also no invasive mechanical linkages, electrical probes, or other costly maintenance elements in the design.