BP, Oil Production  photo credit: BP

BP has started up Phase 3 of the Na Kika project in the Gulf of Mexico, which began oil production on Feb. 19, 2014 with a second well expected to start up in the second quarter.

The project includes the drilling and completion of the two new wells, the addition of subsea infrastructure to tieback to the Na Kika platform, and new equipment to allow increased production from an existing well at the site. It will utilize available production capacity at the Na Kika hub.

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Na Kika Phase 3 is BP’s third new major upstream project to begin production so far in 2014, following the earlier start-ups of the Chirag Oil project in Azerbaijan and the Mars B project in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP expects to start-up a further three upstream projects through the rest of 2014.

The Na Kika semi-submersible platform is located about 140 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6,000 feet of water.

BP is the operator of Na Kika and holds a 50 percent working interest, with Shell holding the remaining 50 percent stake. Production from Na Kika first began in 2003.