New Bonomi Series S800 stainless steel check valves feature a low-cracking ½-PSI spring-loaded soft seat for high flow capacity, minimal head loss and dependable protection against reverse flow. Available in eight sizes from ¼” to 2”, the new valves are rated to 800 WOG or 125 WSP saturated steam. The S800 body, end cap, stem and disc are made from corrosion-resistant ASTM A351-CF8M stainless steel. The spring is SS316. With PTFE seat and gasket (standard), they are an excellent choice for use with corrosive chemical media. The S800 Series offers a wide operating temperature range, from 10 F to 450 F. They feature a dual-guided stem and disc for perfect seating in both high and low pressures. End connections are FNPT X FNPT with ANSI B1.20.1 threads. The S800 is also available in a foot valve design, item # S800FV.

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