Blancett Flow Meters ( inked a $1.6 million dollar military contract for its Model 1100 turbine flowmeter and B2800 flow monitor. The systems will be used as part of a fuel-transfer application that will allow the Department of Defense ( to measure filling capacity and flow consumption. The contract began with one Blancett system replacing an older structure that is currently in place. Following an initial beta testing period, Blancett flowmeters were approved by procurement and all transfer fuel systems involved in the application will be replaced with Blancett’s turbine systems.

The Blancett turbine flowmeter supports temperatures from -25 F to 140 F (-30 C to 60 C). It consists of only one moving part, and the system features a caged construction assembly that can be easily transported to measure liquid flow in various pipe sizes. The B2800 flow monitor is a microprocessor-based unit that displays flowrate and total calculated flow.

Blancett has worked on this project in conjunction with TTI, a Vermont-based distributor of the Blancett product line. TTI will be providing the technology for the entire fuel-transfer system. The project is scheduled for completion within the next six months.