Blacoh Industries is expanding its products and services with the launch of Blacoh Surge Control and Blacoh Metal Solutions.

Blacoh Fluid Control manufactures fluid control products and pulsation dampeners for municipal and industrial process industries.

The new addition of Blacoh Surge Control provides customized engineering solutions for large-scale pressure vessels in surge protection, pressure regulation, storage, and pump control. These types of large surge vessels are typically used in chemical processes, water, wastewater, fire protection, mining, oil and gas pipelines, loading terminals, and refining applications.

Blacoh Surge Control provides fully personalized consulting from start to finish focused on delivering system-wide surge assessment and modeling services.

Blacoh Metal Solutions offers a one-stop sourcing service for metal tubing and piping products.

“These are clearly exciting times,” said Andrew Yeghnazar, President of Blacoh Industries, in a press release. “Together with the entire Blacoh family, we will forge ahead and continue to build and grow Blacoh and serve an ever expanding customer base the only way we know how—with world class customer focus.”