Blackmer (, a designer and manufacturer of positive-displacement, rotary-vane centrifugal pump and compressor technologies, launched a section on its Web site that focuses on biodiesel applications. The section, located at, includes information, such as:

Blackmer’s Biodiesel Pump Offerings & Brochure
This area highlights the various types of Blackmer pumps that are suited for specific applications found throughout the biodiesel production and delivery processes. Among them are the ProVane motor speed vane pump, System One centrifugal pump, and NP/SNP, ML/HXL, GX/X and TX(S)D Series sliding vane pumps. A brochure provides users with specific information on the biodiesel industry and the many benefits of utilizing Blackmer pumps.

Blackmer Product/Application Matrix
The matrix showswhich of Blackmer’s pump lines are most appropriately applied in various biodiesel-related applications. Applications found throughout the production, processing, terminal transfer and transportation of biodiesel are listed.

Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQs provided on the site address common questions about Blackmer pumps and their applicability for various biodiesel services. Among the topics discussed are the materials of construction used in Blackmer pumps, why the efficiency of sliding-vane technology is ideal for biodiesel operations, and which Blackmer pumps are best for alcohol recovery, caustic transfer, and glycerin handling.