iPod Drawing Winner:
David Gettelfinger
U.S. Department of Energy

Mr. Gettelfinger, an industrial hygienist with the U.S. Department of Energy, is the winner of this year’s Innovation Awards iPod drawing for voters. With 20 years experience in equipment calibration, he has been using Drycal flow calibrators (by Bios International) for years. He says these frictionless piston calibrators have made a great impact on the industrial hygiene field in both time and quality, as compared to the old bubble calibrators and burettes.

Photo courtesy of Apple (www.apple.com)

The Flow Control Innovation Awards program is designed to recognize industry’s most compelling advances in fluid handling technology, showcasing new product releases in the categories of fluid measurement, control and containment. After announcing the final nominations for this year’s Innovation Awards program in the June issue, we asked you to vote for the technologies you believed the most worthy of recognition. And vote you did, more than 950 votes in all, giving us one of the highest vote totals in the history of the Flow Control Innovation Awards. We thank all of you that voted for supporting the Innovation Awards program. The following highlights this year’s Innovation Awards winners, with some voter comments on each of the winning technologies. We will feature application stories/case studies on the winning technologies in the October issue. If you have questions about any of the technologies presented hereafter or the Innovation Awards program in general, please contact Matt Migliore at 610 828-1711 or matt@grandviewmedia.com.

Definer 1020 Primary Gas Flow Piston Prover
By Bios International

Bios International’s Definer 1020 is a primary gas flow piston prover for gas flows from five to 500 standard liters per minute. Previously, large bell provers were required at flow ranges of 500 SLM. Now, with the Definer 1020, users can employ a primary flow standard that can sit on a laboratory bench. The Definer 1020 is a fully automated prover that provides fast, accurate flow measurements in a benchtop instrument.

Bell provers are typically large, permanently mounted instruments that require oil to function. The Definer 1020, on the other hand, is a portable bench top instrument that requires no fluids to operate and can take measurements with just the push of a button.

The Definer 1020, which offers accuracy of 0.25 percent, is significantly smaller, faster and easier to operate than previous iterations of bell prover technology.

what the voters said:
• I think the Definer 1020”s flow ranges are fantastic. We need a calibrator with ISO 17025 accreditation that goes from low flow to high flow ranges. It”s perfect!
• Revolution for calibration of high-flow mass flow devices.
• I think that to replace such an important primary standard as the bell prover is a very significant innovation, particularly when the candidate is such a compact device. This could revolutionize gas metering.
• A very compact and rugged flow standard.
• Requires no fluids to operate and has an extremely large measuring range.
• Reduces the footprint for a primary pressure standard. In addition, it increases the repeatability of measurement.
• Best price/performance in this flow range.
• Excellent for test repeatability and speed.
• Dry Cal has always developed state-of-the-art field calibration equipment, which is used in industrial hygiene applications.
Now it has developed a truly unique high flow calibrator.
• Great accuracy and portability in a very small package.
• Convenient primary standard for high flow.

98 Series Pressure Management Control Valve
By Cla-Val

Cla-Val’s all-hydraulic 98 Series Pressure Management Valve controls water distribution system pressure based on actual demand rather than on anticipated peak demand levels. This is desirable because during off-peak hours (such as at night)

when demand falls, pipelines are over-pressurized, leaving them vulnerable to breaks and an increase in background leakage. In the event of sudden, higher demand, such as fire flow, the 98 Series valve automatically increases system pressure to meet requirements. When demand again decreases, the valve automatically lowers pressure accordingly.

The self-contained 98 Series Pressure Management Valve utilizes a cutting-edge pilot system comprised of the CRD2S pilot control and X78 adjustable stem valve that senses actual system demand and responds by automatically lowering or raising pressure to meet current requirements. It provides this pressure control completely independent of external devices, such as orifice plates, meters or SCADA communication, making it a good fit for remote locations that do not have electrical power or are difficult to access for manual setpoint adjustments.

what the voters said:
• These products fill a niche in engineering systems that require accurate flow and mass flow control to meet the ever-increasing requirements of modern instrumentation packages, such as analytical systems. They also meet the typical area classification requirements necessary for online process control systems.
• Great water saver for the southwest desert area of the United States.
• This looks to be a great product for our towns in the desert southwest.
• This looks to be a great value that conserves water. This is especially excellent for the southwest deserts.
• It helps conserve one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, water. The general population has no idea how much water can be lost just transporting it throughout communities.
• I live in Arizona where water is a precious resource. Our state water infrastructure is in great need of a product like this. I wish Governor Napolitano and Senator McCain would get on board and look at unique ways like this product to conserve water.
• Green issues are very important reasons for innovation, and this seems like an idea that is way overdue.

DiamondFaces Mechanical Seal Coating
By EagleBurgmann

EagleBurgmann’s DiamondFaces mechanical seal coating is synthetically manufactured, ultra-pure crystalline diamonds with the same outstanding properties as the natural stone — the hardest material known to man. A CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) coating process is used at very high temperatures to deposit a high coating thickness of 8µm on silicon carbide faces while keeping the seal faces flat to within 0.6 microns or 0.0000232 inches. This diamond coating is applied to both the rotating and stationary faces of a seal face pair.

This process and resulting product are quite revolutionary in many ways. Seal faces must be flat to function as a mechanical seal or leakage will occur. Therefore, the deposition method is critical to the application of the diamond to the face. EagleBurgmann’s CVD process excels at maintaining flatness and building a suitable deposition layer. DiamondFaces improves existing sealing technology by decreasing mechanical seal sensitivity while increasing reliability.

The heart of any mechanical seal is the faces. Previous innovations in this area included the introduction of silicon carbide to seal faces. DiamondFaces improves the silicon carbide material by making the working part of the faces harder and creating less friction between the faces. With current uncoated silicon carbide faces, dry running will damage the faces beyond repair within 30 seconds. With DiamondFaces, a seal will achieve approximately 10 hours of total dry-running capability with full and complete recovery of sealing functions after an upset.

what the voters said:
• Working on a better CVD diamond coating for seal faces advances knowledge in the flow control industry.
• Staightforward, easy-to-setup devices. Rated IP 68 for food/beverage washdown. Fair pricing and great Web site resources for accessories (cable, covers, mounts), as well as great tech support.

Rosemount 3051S Wireless Flowmeters
By Emerson Process Mgmt, Rosemount Measurement Division

Emerson Process Mgmt, Rosemount Measurement Division’s Rosemount 3051S Wireless Flowmeters are part of Emerson’s Smart Wireless solution set, which aims to provide a cost-effective and easy means to add new flow measurements in the plant. These new solutions leverage the industry standard HART protocol and Smart Wireless self-organizing wireless networks to allow seamless and secure integration of the flow data into existing information systems. The flow data can be gathered via standard Web interface or integrated directly into existing host systems.

The technology behind the 3051S Wireless Flowmeters is robust, delivering greater than 99 percent data reliability. The wireless communication is automatically set up by the network manager residing in the Smart Wireless Gateway and requires no additional user intervention or special tools. The 3051S Wireless Flowmeter solutions include compact and integral orifice flowmeters, conditioning orifice flowmeters and Annubar flowmeters.

Rosemount 3051S Wireless Flowmeters arrive factory configured, leak checked and ready for installation. Wireless technology married with industry-leading primary elements allows users to make measurements where they have not been able to before, either because of physical or economical constraints. This additional insight enables increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, extended asset life, and helps users meet challenging environmental and safety goals.

what the voters said:
• Wireless innovation is imperative in moving product at the speed now required by ever-changing technologies. This instrument blends seamlessly into existing infrastructures, eliminating other hidden costs.
• Smart power pack with long lifetime.
• It”s unique and very helpful for customers optimizing availability and decreasing maintenance cost.
• Excellent solution for hard-to-reach flow measurement points, with the advantage of no-straight-diameters needed.
• Rosemount”s 3051 is robust, maintenance-free, reliable and also prevents unplanned downtime.
• The wireless flow devices enhance the measuring capabilities in the remotest parts of the plant area and can help in conserving energy and tap losses.
• Having a wireless transmitter means that you can now take measurement from those hard-to-reach areas. Using no wires also means that there is less cost involved, particularly if the location is too far away.
• It’s a compact piece having manifold, impulse tubing, orifice and transmitter all from one single make. Moreover, wireless is a great value addition! Just think about pipeline applications, elevated flow line applications, how wonderfully it will wirelessly communicate!! Conditioning orifice plate is icing on the cake. Just marvelous to use it. Fit and forget it.
• The Wireless HART technology is great for expanding the measurements in the plant.
• No need to trench wires makes this measurement point very easy to install.
• Wireless flow without the straight run requirements!
• This seems to be a game-changing product, can”t wait to try it.
• The 3051S wireless flowmeter was created for places that wires can’t be.
• Compact, fast and extremely accurate.
• Rosemount’s wireless transmitters are particularly innovative because of the self-configuring, self-healing, multi-path communications back to a host receiver.
• The market has been asking for a wireless solution for flowmeters for years, since it may cost as much to wire as it does to purchase the meter. Rosemount is providing what the market has requested.

Proline Promass P Hygenic Coriolis Flowmeter
By Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser’s Proline Promass P Coriolis flowmeter is designed for users in the life sciences industry that require a fully drainable, hygienic flow measurement system. The Promass P offers 0.1 percent traceable calibration uncertainty, 0.0005 g/cc density measurement, and exceptional accuracy during cleaning or periods of entrained gas. The meter guarantees compliance with new ASME-BPE 2007 standards, which mandate changes regarding customer documentation, designs for sterility and cleanability, welding and evaluation techniques and contact surface finishes. Full documentation packages ensure GMP conformance.

Specifically, the Promass P offers certification and inspection certificates for ASME BPE CoC to relevant scope: EN 10204 3.1 for materials, surface finish and delta ferrite. All process-wetted materials are 316L/1.4435. In fact, this flowmeter is designed to comply with ASME BPE, ISPE, FDA, EHEDG and 3-A. The sensor design is fully welded and hygienic. It’s fully drainable in horizontally mounted positions, ensuring no holdup volume.

The meter supports mass flow measurement up to 2570 lb/min, temperatures to 392 F and pressures to 914 PSI. Promass P is suitable for use in PAT applications for the continuous monitoring of critical quality process variables such as mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature.

what the voters said:
• It is interesting to know that a Coriolis today can achieve such good accuracy.
• Single-tube design with high accuracy is a true innovation.
• Worked well in fruit application requiring BRIX measurement.
• The importance of Endress+Hauser”s fully drainable Coriolis meter cannot be overstated for the hygienic market.

PIM Series Pump Diagnostic Pressure Sensor
By ifm efector inc.

ifm efector’s PIM Series pump diagnostic pressure sensor detects potential pump damage caused by cavitation, trapped air or gas, blockages and deposits. The PIM sensor performs two functions in one compact housing — the sensor continuously monitors the system pressure of a pump and, at the same time, provides independent diagnosis of the pump’s condition. The pressure sensor is designed and approved for sanitary applications.

Operating as a pressure sensor, the PIM Series sensor provides numeric indication of the operating system pressure. The sensor’s output can be configured as a switching output with hysteresis or window function, or as a scaleable analog output.

what the voters said:
• Early predictive maintenance for easier scheduled downtime.
• Pumps are very expensive, but now we can prevent fails.
• The sleek design and simple control are visible and accessible.
• The sensor continuously monitors the system pressure and, at the same time, provides diagnosis of pump condition.

Kurz 6500 Gold Series Switch
By Kurz Instruments Inc

Kurz Instruments’ Olympic Gold Series 6500 Flow, Level, Interface and Temperature Switch features simple, intuitive electronics that enable pushbutton configuration in the field without tools, meters or process flow modulation. The user-friendly interface allows operators to make all on-site configuration changes within minutes. The units contain no jumpers or dip-switches. Configuration can be easily accomplished with the display panel or via Modbus.

With a smart switching power supply (12/24 VDC and 115/230 VAC), six built-in timers and a variety of mounting options/styles/sizes; the Gold Series eases the installation process.

what the voters said:
• It’s the first flow switch that has digital programming along with analog output.
• Configurable for the specific application and fluid involved — I don”t believe any other switch has this capability.
• Flow switch has unusual versatility and multiple uses in one switch.
• Provides the only microprocessor-based switch, which we’ve found to provide better response and ease of setup.
• Smart switching with ModBus compatibility is innovative.
• I love the digital design and universal nature of this flow and level switch.

L.J. Star Pharmaceutical Bubble Trap
By L.J. Star Inc.

L.J. Star’s Pharmaceutical Bubble Trap is designed to remove unwanted gas/air bubbles from process fluids. It is available in standard four-inch to 10-inch sizes and custom designs.

L.J. Star’s Pharmaceutical Bubble Trap is the first device designed to be crevice-free and self-draining, eliminating bacteria traps that could contaminate pharmaceutical product and cost thousands of dollars.

Washdown is simple and efficient. The Bubble Trap interior surfaces are angles or arcs so all liquid will drain into the outlet. The exterior is also self-draining to accommodate washdown cleaning. Other designs may trap tiny amounts of liquid that could potentially harbor bacteria. In addition, disassembly and reassembly are quick and easily accomplished.

The L.J. Star Bubble Trap is also ASME BPE 2007 compliant, with full traceability on all wetted components.

what the voters said:
• I liked the self-draining feature.
• This bubble trap appears to be the first unit designed for use in biotech with full drainability.
• The exterior self-draining aspect is a very nice feature that will help eliminate any puddling on components after washdown.
• I was impressed by the interior angle design style of this product, which allows the trap to be self-draining and eliminate bacteria for a more sanitary product.
• Compact, fast and extremely accurate.
• A simple solution that I will be able to discuss with my bio accounts. Efficient washdowns will improve productivity.
• Elimination of crevices and non-drainable areas is an important innovation.
• Removes unwanted gas/air bubbles from process fluids.
• L.J. Star is very accommodating to customer needs. With the request for restructuring the unit making it crevice-free and self-draining, L.J. Star goes over and above to please the end-users. The company’s service and products are superb.
• Eliminating gas/air bubbles and contaminants is innovative.
• Innovative design that eliminates bacteria traps that could potentially cost thousands in contaminated lost product.
• A great way to remove bubbles that cause process control errors.

Innova-Sonic In-Line Ultrasonic Flowmeter Model 206
By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

Sierra Instruments’ Innova-Sonic In-Line Model 206 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is a digital correlation transit-time device designed to give the end-user high performance at an affordable price. The Innova-Sonic features advanced PicoFly measurement technology, representing an order-of-magnitude improvement in transit-time measurement technology, allowing far superior response to changes in flow (with much greater resolution) and outstanding low-flow detection.

Innova-Sonic In-Line features patented ultra-precise PicoFly measurement technology. An industry first, this advanced technology allows the ultrasonic transit time to be measured in picoseconds 10-12 (one trillionth of a second) for superb resolution and extreme low-flow detection as compared to typical nanoseconds 10-9 (one billionth of a second) processing.

what the voters said:
• Low-flow measurement with ultrasonic is quite innovative.
• I found the Innova-Sonic in-line ultrasonic flowmeter Model 206 very innovative for the simple reason that in a very acidic application involving a small-diameter pipe along with a pulsating low flowrate, the meter was very easily rescalable to measure point velocity for better resolution along with repeatability without having to drill and tap the pipe for insertion probes. Imagine the savings of not having to insert a probe in this application to measure flow and having to replace it constantly due to the corrosive application. The Innova-Sonic in-line ultrasonic flowmeter saves you man hours in installation and money on not having to constantly buy an insertion meter after the probe has been pitted, and no more downtime while you remove the probe and wait for the replacement.
• Great accuracy without the handicap of fluid conductivity issues.
• Gave us tremendous results in terms of increasing revenue to one of our customers, who was selling edible oils. At this point, the customer has nearly standardized on this pico technology.
• Pico technology allows for the fastest speed of response, while at the same time keeping the costs under typical magnetic flowmeter prices. This unit will outperform a magmeter in flow as well as economical value.
• The Innova-Sonic flowmeter features a new technology for velocity detection that increases the ability to measure flow close to zero.

HFM-I-400 Series Mass Flowmeters
By Teledyne Hastings Instruments

Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ HFM-I-400 Series is a new family of mass flow instruments which is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial gas flow market. The HFM-I-401 measures gas flow from zero to 10 SLM up to zero to 350 SLM; the HFM-I-405 measures gas flow from zero to 100 SLM up to zero to 2,500 SLM.

The “I” family features an IP-65 enclosure (Class 1, Div. 2 hazardous location approval pending), which allows the use of the instrument in a wide variety of environments. All models have been certified to the appropriate CE standards. In addition, each flowmeter can be powered by either +24 or +/- 15 VDC power supply. Each model provides, simultaneously, both analog and digital output. One of the innovative digital output options is Ethernet. The electrical connection can be made either via a terminal strip located inside the enclosure or through an IP-65 compatible electrical connector, which can be quickly connected. The electronics module can be mounted either locally on the flow sensor or remotely (up to 10 m) using a shielded interface cable.

what the voters said:
• These products fill a niche in engineering systems that require accurate flow and
mass flow control to meet the everincreasing requirements of modern
instrumentation packages, such as analytical systems. They also meet the typical
area classification requirements necessary for online process control systems.
• It benefits our community (fire fighters).
• This product provides a comprehensive range of measurements and options for
functionality, as well as ease of use.
• Seems very versatile. I like the Ethernet communication.
• Can be local or remotely mounted. Linearity is vastly improved, which minimizes large changes in linearity when the flowing medium changes.
• There are several features that I like, including specifications, communications
capabilities and versatility.
• I believe this industrial flow controller will be very popular with users, since it’s
digital, highly accurate and provides reliable performance.
• The Ethernet output is a very innovative option and will help us to measure easier.
• Love the Ethernet connection.
• The Class 1, Div. 2 rating makes this design attractive for a wide variety of industrial applications.
• Class 1, Div. 2 hazardous location is a long-needed feature.
• The Ethernet connectivity makes digital information readily accessible.