Fluid Components International (FCI, www.fluidcomponents.com) published Best Practices Engineering Guide, Installation Recommendations, providing instrumentation, process control, and plant engineers operating challenging air or gas flow measurement applications recommendations for its line of single-point, thermal-dispersion flowmeters.

The guide provides detailed information and diagrams for optimizing flowmeter installations to ensure performance and accuracy in commonly found conditions and line sizes. The guide aims to address the issue of disparity in operating conditions from the controlled environment in which flowmeters are calibrated and actual field conditions.

According to FCI, the most common installation constraint for all flow meters is inadequate straight run. The guide recommends engineering practices with diagrams and specifications for straight-run, installation orientation, and depths. It also details the use of flow conditioners as an engineering solution for FCI single-point, thermal-dispersion flowmeters. Additional information includes Installation Orientation for Various Fluid Conditions and Optimizing Accuracy and Repeatability Performance.

To download the guide free of charge, click here.