SKF’s DryLube Bearings are designed to eliminate the need for grease relubrication and to perform reliably and virtually maintenance-free over a wide temperature range. The high-temperature bearings suit hostile and extreme-temperature applications, including equipment used in the metal and steelmaking and food and beverage industries. The bearings are filled with a dry lubricant based on graphite or molybdenum disulfide and a resin binder. The dry lubricant is injected into the free space of the bearing, bonded to the cage, and cured until it solidifies. During the bearing’s operation, the dry lubricant maintains a thin film on the bearing’s raceways and rolling elements to protect against metal-to-metal contact and any potential damage caused by solid contaminants. The bearings can provide effective lubrication for extreme temperature applications up to 350 C (660 F), achieve higher speed capabilities than standard graphite-cage counterparts, and exhibit minimal lubricant loss over time.