Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ Orkot TXMM bearing material has undergone an extensive test program to prove performance at low velocities. Bearings were tested to extremes: velocities down to five meters/16 feet per minute at pressures up to six bar/87 PSI and water flows down to two liters/four pints per minute. The seawater contained Silica flour at 250 parts per million, and the 200 mm/eight-inch bearing operated on an LG4 Bronze sleeve for 2,000 hours. The resulting overall wear of the bearing was just 0.027 mm/0.001 inch per 1,000 hours, and shaft wear was minimal with an improved shaft finish. The tests were repeated successfully with Inconel and Nickel Chrome Boron coated shafts. The Orkot material is resistant to seawater, and is proven in numerous marine applications. The bearings perform well in low-velocity situations. Orkot Marine Bearings are manufactured from a synthetic composite incorporating solid lubricants. Virtually no swelling in seawater and very low thermal coefficient of expansion provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. The bearings do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment.