The Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions division of Schneider Electric has introduced the VC10 Valve Controller to its Accutech wireless sensor network product line. The battery-powered wireless field device is used to control pneumatic valves in hazardous locations with functionality that offers optimized natural gas wellhead automation. Using a patent-pending technology called Progressive Pulse Control (PPC), the valve controller is a good fit for operation of pneumatic valves in a range of upstream oil and gas applications. Coupled with Accutech’s power-management technology, the valve controller is capable of operating in the field autonomously for over 50,000 cycles, offering years of maintenance-free operation. Included with the valve controller are two digital inputs, the first configured as a counter for use in plunger arrival systems and the second for use with discreet signals. An integrated pressure sensor is incorporated as a feedback mechanism in the PPC circuit and as a diagnostic for wellhead operators. Magnetic switches and an LCD display allow for configuration settings in the field without compromising zone restrictions. The valve controller is protected by a three-year warranty. –