GF Piping’s Signet8150 battery-powered flow totalizer is designed for use in applicationswhere battery-powered operation is most effective. Applications includewastewater flow accumulation, water treatment systems, remote or mobiletreatment and distribution systems, irrigation, filtration, and anumber of process flow and cooling uses. The unit features standardlithium batteries, making it a good fit for remote or mobileinstallations where access to line power is limited. Because of its lowpower consumption design, the batteries are rated to last up to fouryears (nominal). The unit is offered with three totalizers — two areresettable for long- and short-term monitoring, and the third ispermanent. A large LCD displays both flowrate and total flow volumesimultaneously. Panel mount versions feature a NEMA 4X front and anoptional rear cover kit for enclosure protection. For security, the theunit can be programmed by a user-selectable access code to preventunwanted changes. The unit can also be mounted to a surface near thesensor via an optional Universal Adapter Kit (3-8050).