NewAge Industries stocks brass fittings in bothbarbed and push-to-connect styles to work with various plastic andrubber materials. U.S.-made of durable brass, applications includegeneral purpose and industrial use, potable water systems, pneumaticcontrol, robotics, and instrumentation. The barbed brassfitting, called Thermobarb, is designed for use with soft, flexibletubing and reinforced hose such as PVC, polyurethane, silicone,thermoplastic rubber, Viton, and Hytrel. Thermobarb fittings areheavy-duty and long-lasting and offer temperature usage from -40 F to180 F. Sizes range from 1/8″ to one inch. Clamps, also availablefrom NewAge Industries, should be used for secure attachment. Newloc, NewAge’sbrass push-to-connect fitting, works with semi-rigid and rigid tubingmaterials including nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Newlocfittings are easy to install and disconnect – simply push the tubinginto the fitting. For removal, push in the collet on the fitting andpull the tubing out. Newloc fittings handle full vacuum andtemperatures from –10°F to 200°F. Sizes stocked range from 1/8″ to1/2″. Thermobarb andNewloc brass fittings are available in a variety of stylesincluding male and female adapters, elbows, Ts and Ys, connectors,reducers, swivel types, bulkhead options, and more. Both fittings arealso offered in plastic materials for other application requirements.