SPX”s M&J branded ball valve is designed to provide a solution for positive shutoff requirements in oil & gas pipelines. The M&J ball valve incorporates a version of the patented “EN” style seat seal, which is currently employed by the M-303 gate valve. A combination nylon and elastomer seal in the same face groove acts as the primary seal in both high and low pressure differential conditions. Seat rings are spring-loaded for low-pressure sealing. The valve is offered in 6″ to 42″ sizes, 150-1500 ANSI Pressure classes, and has a standard operating temperature range of -20 F to 250 F (-29 C to 121 C). The valve’s design includes internal trunnion blocks, which eliminate the need for the lower ball trunnion to penetrate the body cavity, preventing a possible leak path. The valve also possesses double block-and-bleed capability where the body cavity can be vented with the ball in the fully open or closed position. The ball valve is compatible with a variety of control options, including lever or worm gear actuators for manual operation, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or other actuator types as specified.