Spirax Sarco”s FTC80-FB ball float steam trap series is designed for process applications in the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, and pulp and paper industries where pressures can be as high as 1160 PSIG. The steam trap has a body and cover made of cast steel with all socket weld connections. This series is self-modulating to provide soft and continuous discharge, which helps to maintain stable process conditions. It has a plugged bottom side drain connection that can be used for cleaning out or a freeze protection with a manual drain valve. All internals are stainless steel and have a high capacity single seat mechanism, which has an infinite turndown ratio on both pressure and flow. The main valve assembly has a tight shutoff under no-load conditions, even if the water seal is lost which prevents steam wastage. A fixed bleed air venting device is supplied to prevent air locking of the trap on startup. Every trap is 100 percent steam tested at the factory to guarantee performance. The standard offering is available in 1.5-inch and two-inch pipe connections, which are direct inline with no change in elevation. The flow direction is right-to-left with a removable strainer screen to the front of the trap that covers 50 percent more surface area to ensure maintenance-free service.