Badger Meter has rebranded its flow measurement and control product line as Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation, a move designed to unify the range product lines the company has acquired in recent years. Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation incorporates brand names such as Data Industrial, Hedland, Flo-tech, Blancett, Cox, Preso, Dynasonics, Flow Dynamics, and Research Control Valves (RCV).

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Badger Meter's product offering includes most major mechanical and electronic flowmetering technologies, including electromagnetic, differential pressure, impeller, oval gear, positive displacement, turbine, ultrasonic, and vortex. These solutions are a fit for industrial process, manufacturing, commercial fluid, and building automation applications where flow measurement and control are critical.

Badger Meter has also updated the brand identity for its flow instrumentation products with new logos, product branding color schemes, and online materials.

Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation serves applicaitons in oil and gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, HVAC, food and beverage, agricultural irrigation, and automotive and aerospace manufacturing.