Badger Meter, a global flow measurement and control products manufacturer, and its employees donated $5,292 and supplies to help residents of Moore, Okla., recover from the devastating tornados that severely damaged the area in May. With a manufacturing facility in nearby Tulsa, Okla., the company has close ties to the area, and its employees initiated a company-wide fund drive. Badger Meter contributed funds to match employee donations to the American Red Cross, as well as 200 pairs of leather work gloves to help with clean-up efforts.
Terry Woodruff, operations manager at the Tulsa Badger Meter facility, says he delivered the gloves to the City of Moore just before a second violent storm ravaged the area on May 31.
“After learning about the terrible losses in Moore, our employees immediately started looking for ways to help the victims recover and rebuild their community,” said Woodruff in a prepared statement. “The company has donated leather work gloves to help with other relief efforts in the past, and they were very much appreciated, so in addition to our fundraising efforts, we ordered the gloves right away.”
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Badger Meter and its employees donated $3,135 and 1,500 pairs of leather work gloves to its water metering customer at Bethpage Water District on Long Island. The gloves were distributed through the New York State Water/Waste Water Agency to the communities that needed them most.