The American Water Works Association (AWWA, issued a new Manual of Water Supply Practices titled Water Conservation Programs — A Planning Manual.

The manual is a planning guide for developing a complete water-conservation program for a municipality. The purpose of the publication is to provide information on how to develop a utility water conservation program, implement it, and measure its success.

The manual introduces the concepts of water conservation and demand management, and it describes how to set goals, perform a water-use analysis, determine water savings and other benefits, choose the proper conservation measures, calculate program costs, create and implement a formal conservation program, gain political and consumer support, staff and fund the program, mitigate revenue impacts, and evaluate program success. Includes case studies.

AWWA Manuals of Water Supply Practices are consensus publications describing best practices for water utility operations and management. They are written, reviewed, and approved by volunteer AWWA members. For more information, visit