AW-LAKE Company has partnered with POMTAVA, a family-owned, European pump manufacturer based in Switzerland. POMTAVA is known for gear pumps machined with extremely tight tolerances. Under terms of the agreement, AW-Lake Company will be POMTAVA’s first Master Distributor serving North America.

With the automotive and manufacturing industries in mind, AW-Lake Company will initially supply paint application gear pumps to North America, with plans to increase inventory in the future. POMTAVA pumps can serve as alternate pumps to select models of Kawasaki & Zenith paint pumps.

AW-Lake identified three industry problems that motivated its move into the pump market. First, was long lead times sometimes taking as long a four months; second, replacement parts were not available, forcing customers to purchase a new pump instead of repairing their existing pump; and lastly, the cost of pumps.

David Hamilton, AW-LAKE Company business development manager, said the company plans to stock select models used in the paint industry, offer repair/re-build kits, and price the pumps competitively in the marketplace.

Founded in 1986, POMTAVA carried on production of Tavannes and Dima dosage pumps first manufactured in 1922. With locations in Switzerland and Spain, the company exports 98 percent of their output to customers worldwide.