NewAgeIndustries” Nylotube brandof nylon tubing is stockedin both semi-rigid and flexible grades, six colors, and inch and metricsizes to offer the best match for uses such as instrumentation,chemical transfer, food and beverage lines, compressed air, refrigerantand cooling systems, pneumatic controls, low-pressure hydraulics, fueland oil transfer, and paint supply, among other applications. Nylotube offers several advantages including:
• Low moisture absorption (1.4% maximum at 73 F)
• Resistance to flex fatigue
• Tight dimensional tolerances
• Lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings
• Resistance to corrosion, abrasion, crushing, cracking, and brittleness

Nylotube in the nylon-12 formulation and offers nylon-11 on a limitedbasis. The two versions offer similar performance, although somenylon-11 types are produced with FDA-approved ingredients, making thetubing safe for use with food contact surfaces. Nylon-12 is more oftenused in industrial applications and is somewhat less expensive. Bothmay be used with a range of temperatures (-90 F to 212 F) andattach easily with push-to-connect fittings, available from NewAgeIndustries in plastic or brass. Nylotube is stockedin both inch and metric sizes in up to six colors (natural, black, red,yellow, blue, green). Inch sizes are offered in either semi-rigid orflexible grade, while metric dimensions are available in the flexiblegrade. Sizes range from 1/8″ through one-inch O.D. and from four millimeters to 12 mm O.D.Custom options include retractable coils, other sizes and colors,cut-to-length pieces, and heat-formed shapes.